See how it all started and visit my personal collecting website View my personal plate collection and background on how I got into license plate collecting. I also have a WANT list posted there for rare and unique plates I’m looking to add to my collection.

Visit my other website where I specialize in selling Ontario Year of Manufacture (YOM) license plates for classic car owners. Registration guaranteed under the Ministry of Transportation’s YOM Program. Stop by and browse our entire inventory and more info on the program.

ALPCA – Automobile License Plate Collectors Association. Stop by the official website for license plate collectors around the globe. History of collecting and updates about the latest local plate meets near you. Also great info about joining the club which includes the bi-monthly magazine “PLATES” subscription and access to the archives section.

Ontario Licence Plates by Sam Mazmanian. Great website with lots of content as well as a “Highs” plate spotting registry with up-to-date plate information for the province of Ontario. See if you have the latest plate on the road!

The Back Bumper by Jon Upton of Ontario – ALPCA Member 7135. Dedicated to mostly Ontario license plates with neat commentary. Drop by his regular editorial “My 2 Cents” that’s worth a read. Features a trade and want list as well as pictures of rare Ontario plates. Owner/Artist Mike Patriquin creates picture frames and bottle openers made from old wooden hockey sticks. In addition to this, he also makes wall maps of Canada, sports logos and custom made creations by utilizing old, unusable and non-valuable license plates.  Drop by his website and check out his great work. Based out of Ottawa, Ontario.

The History of Ontario’s King’s Highways by Cameron Beavers of Ontario. Very comprehensive site dedicated to the history of Ontario’s highway system with a multitude of historical and present day pictures.