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1910 “White Bar” Plates

Dealer Plates

Motorcycle Plates


Ontario license plates made from 1905 to 1910 were the second issue after the leather plates. The rubber plates were made by Gutta Percha & Rubber Ltd. (est in 1883). The factory and headquarters were located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Gutta-percha is a name for a type of tree that has a sap that latex rubber can be produced from. In addition to manufacturing and selling tires, the operation produced and distributed a full line of rubber goods across Canada – including license plates.

Brass grommets were used for all the mounting holes and are more or less consistent on all plates. Some plates have beveled 45 degree corners and others have traditional square corners. Some plates have also been found with the Gutta Percha Rubber Ltd corporate seal embossed on the reverse. This is likely due to the plates being cut from a larger sheet of rubber with one seal on the larger piece, which randomly presents itself on a few plates within a given batch.

There were two distinctive series of rubber plates made. The first type were issued from 1905-1909 and these did not contain a provincial marker. The second type were issued in 1910 and feature a distinctive “white bar” inlay at the top of the plate with “ONTARIO” spelled out in capital letters. The first chart below shows the 1905-09 survivors. The second chart shows the 1910 survivors.

1905-09 Passenger Plates Known: 69

YearPlate NumberOriginal RegistrationCurrent OwnershipDetailsPicture
1905-066Foy, James, Church Street, Toronto, ONKnown Private CollectionAlso pictured, pg 47 Ontario License Plates – A Century of History by (Sallmen)
1905-0630W. B. Markle, 21 Adelaide Street E., Toronto, ONCorb Moister Jr. Collection, formerly Jim Fox and Art Keck collectionsImage courtesy of Corb Moister Jr.
1905-06116Neff, A.H. Benton, Humberstone, ONDave Steckley CollectionImage courtesy of Dave Steckley. Also pictured, pg 10 Ontario License Plates – A Century of History by (Sallmen)
1905-06126Durnford, Mrs. Isabella C., Sarnia, ONKnown Private CollectionImage courtesy of owner
1905-06145Lick, Jerry, Oshawa, ONDennis HuronCurrently attached to his 1903 Ford Model A.
1905332No record - likely ceased in 1905.Science and Tech Museum OttawaStill mounted on original 1905 Buick.
1905-06476Smith, J. S., St. Catharines, ONCollingwood Museum CollectionImage courtesy of Collingwood Museum website
1905-06506Millson, A., Solina, ONEric Taylor CollectionImage courtesy of Facebook.
1905-06506Millson, A., Solina, ONMounted to 1906 Cadillac K Model owned by Fawcett family of OshawaImage courtesy of Flickr
1905-06571Grobb, F., Brantford, ONMcLaughlin/Fawcett FamilyMounted on 1905 Ford. Car owned by descendants of McLaughlin Motor Car Company.
1905-06642Jackson, Bros. Maple, ONUnknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of known collector
1905-06686McMichael, S. W., 101 St. George Street, Toronto, ONMartine Stonehouse CollectionFacebook image. In display frame. Sold in Acton c2010
1905-06711Robbins, J. T., Canfield, ON Joe Sallmen CollectionImage courtesy of Manny Jacob
1905-06777Weltlaufer, Geo., 157 N. Pearl Street, Buffalo, NYSwigart Museum CollectionPair (other plate mounted behind). Image courtesy of Jon Upton
1905-06846Nathan Jenks, 84 Lafayette Ave, Detroit MI (1906 registry). Walter Clark, 103 Hollestor St., Grand Rapids MI (1910 registry)John Willard CollectionImage courtesy of John Willard
1905-061004Darling, A. C., Petrolia, ON Mike Franks CollectionOriginally registered to AC Darling of Petrolia. Discovered in 2017. Mr. Darling is pictured at the top of this page.
1905-061139O'Connor, Chas. J., Park Street, Dundas, ONWilliam Loftus CollectionImage courtesy of William Loftus. Originally registered to Charles O'Connon, Park St., Dundas, ON.
1905-061256Mutton, Frank E., 256 Carlton Street, Toronto, ONUnknown Private CollectionPictured, pg 10 Ontario License Plates – A Century of History by (Sallmen)
1905-061283Leadlay, Percival, 21 Elm Avenue, Toronto, ONLarry Becker CollectionImage courtesy of the Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa.
1905-061347Symmes, J. H., Niagara Falls, ONKnown Private Collection
1905-061647Rufus Williams, Chatham Ontario; later Kelowna, BC Scotniczy CollectionImage courtesy of Thomas Zimmermann.
1905-061707Fisher, G. E., 827 Majestic Building, Detroit, MIUnknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Facebook. Formerly in the Hayes collection.
1907+1873Martha J. Flagler, corner Main and Falls Streets, Niagara Falls, NYKnown Private CollectionImage courtesy of owner.
1907+1920Teagan, J., Detroit, MIMTO ArchivesImage courtesy of Jim Becksted (2000).
1907+1941Adams, Carl N., 161 Parket Avenue, Detroit, MIFor sale at Miller & Miller Auctions Jan 2019Image courtesy of Miller & Miller Auctions
1907+1944Lodewych, Arthur G., Mt. Clemens, MIFormerly Joe Pfiefer collection of West Lorne, ONImage in ALPCA archives, date unknown; current whereabouts unknown.
1907+1970Hunt, Reuben Nelson, 812 Niagara Avenue, Niagara Falls, NYBill McNevan collectionImage courtesy of Bill McNevan
1907+1972White, H. S., 26 Richmond Avenue, Buffalo, NYIan Hayhurst CollectionPicture courtesy of Ian Hayhurst.
1907+2234Clement, S. M., 737 Deleware, Avenue, Buffalo, NYDave Steckley CollectionImage courtesy of Dave Steckley
1907+2280Rasemen, R. E., 1302 Penobscot Building, Detroit, MINeale Hankins CollectionImage courtesy of Neale Hankins. Formerly part of Hartung collection.
1907+2357Thomas, E. R., Harper and Dequindre Streets, Detroit, MIKrystian Kozinski CollectionImage courtesy of Facebook
1907+2427McDonald, Mrs. M. L., 14 Madison Avenue, Toronto, ONBrian Woodard Collection
1907+2561Nickless, Wm. H., Bay City, MIUnknown Private CollectionPair, posted for sale on ebay 2017.
1907+2694Sherman, Dewitt H., M.D., 680 West Ferry Street, Buffalo, NYUnknown Private CollectionPictured on auction house website.
1907+3399Smart, A. R., Oil City, PAUnknown Private CollectionInternet image
1907+3883Watson, Geo. A., Ridgetown, ON
1907+3921Gardner, R. H., 615 Railway Street, Chicago, ILJon Upton Collection, formerly Patterson Collection.Pair. Single also pictured, pg 11 Ontario License Plates – A Century of History by (Sallmen)
1907+3955Leadley, P., 21 Elm Avenue, Toronto, ONMurray Mutch Collection
1907+4160Breinison, F., 156 Michigan Street, Buffalo, NYEric Vettoretti CollectionPictured on cover of Ontario License Plates – A Century of History by (Sallmen)
1907+4242No recordMurray Mutch CollectionWhite wall material missing within number area. Lower picture is the reverse side. Speculation is possible lack of reciprocity caused owner to paint neighbouring prov/state registration on back to save mounting two plates.
1907+4350Yawkey, W.H., Fort and Shelby Streets, Detroit, MIRick Morrison Collection.Image courtesy of Rick Morrison. Michigan #4662 is painted on reverse side of both plates.
1907+4355Day, Britton T., 11319 Hessler Road, Cleveland, OHUnknown Private Collection, formerly Plunkett Collection.Image courtesy of Dave Steckley taken at 1975 Ontario meet.
1907+4455Davis, Geo. A., 936 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, NY Unknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Manny Jacob (likely from ebay)
1907+4480Simons, Geo. C., St. Mary's, PAUnknown Private Collection. Pair, currently attached to an original 1907 Ford Model N.Image courtesy of Fawcette Motor Carriage.
1907+4610Van Der Voort, Wm. Ostrom, 1533 Williamson Building, Cleveland, OHNorm Ratcliffe CollectionImage courtesy of Norm Ratcliffe
1907+4726Miller, G., 139 Yonge Street, Toronto, ONSold at Miller and Miller Auctions Dec 2019Image courtesy of Miller and Miller Auctions
1907+4763Craig, Percy L., 112 E. Lincoln Avenue, Newcastle, PASwigart Museum CollectionImage courtesy of Jon Upton
1907+4871Wills, C. H., Greenville, MIEric Taylor CollectionImage courtesy of Facebook.
1907+5044Redfield, John V., Grosee Point, MICorb Moister Jr. Collection; formerly Conrad Hughson.Image courtesy of Corb Moister Jr.
1907+5167Dobbin, C., Park Street, Waterloo, ONKnown Private Collection
1907+5299Lyons, Thos. W., 430 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NYKrystian Kozinski CollectionPair; image courtesy of Joe Sallmen
1907+5418Blong, Robert C., 65 Woodlawn Ave., Toronto, ONJay Patzer CollectionImage courtesy of Jay Patzer
1907+5523Schram, Dr. J. S., London, ONDon Goodfellow CollectionImage courtesy of Jon Upton
1907+5535Hood, F. E., M.D., 720 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ONFormer Bill McNevan collection. For sale on HiBid Jan 2021.Reverse side contains a Gutta-Percha embossed seal. Image courtesy of HiBid.
1907+5813Dobie, Wm., cor. King and Duncan Streets, Toronto, ONUnknown Private Collection, formerly Plunkett Collection.Image courtesy of Dave Steckley taken at 1975 Ontario meet.
1907+6131Keller, Phillip, 2013 Main Street, Niagara Falls, NYEric Taylor CollectionPair.
1907+6252McAdie, W., Oshawa, ONSwigart Museum CollectionImage courtesy of Jon Upton
1907+6642Davies, W. H., Aylmer, ONAlan Bones CollectionImage courtesy of Alan Bones. Also pictured, pg 80 Ontario License Plates – A Century of History by (Sallmen)
1907+6916Vallery, F., Belwood, ONOn display at Eva Brook Donly Museum, Simcoe Ontario.Internet Image
1907+7097Keller, James, 726 Auburn Avenue, Buffalo, NYMike De Vouge CollectionImage courtesy of Mike De Vouge
1907+7264Moore, Mrs. E. S., Greensburg, PAJoe Sallmen CollectionImage courtesy of Joe Sallmen
1907+7719No recordSeen at a Hamilton area flea marketImage courtesy of Dave Colonna
1907+8426Chas. A Grant, 192 Pape Avenue, Toronto, ONScotniczy CollectionImage courtesy of Thomas Zimmermann

Below is the second type of rubber plates issued in 1910. They feature a distinctive “white bar” inlay at the top of the plate with “ONTARIO” spelled out in capital letters. The issue with these is that the word ONTARIO could not be read from any sort of distance since the white letters were on a white background. This was likely one of the reasons Ontario switched manufacturers altogether in 1911.

1910 Passenger Plates Known: 16

YearPlate NumberOriginal RegistrationCurrent OwnershipDetailsPicture
19108656Myles, Robt. G., 109 Simcoe Street, Toronto, ONMTO ArchivesLowest surviving 1910 issue as of this writing. Image courtesy of Jim Becksted (2000).
19108794S. Hendrie, Grosse Point Farm, MichiganUnknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Norm Ratcliffe.
19108952Pearson, E. A., Picton, OntarioPatterson family CollectionImage courtesy of Terry Ellsworth
19108970No record (late year registration)Brian Woodard Collection
19109211No record (late year registration)Eric Taylor CollectionImage courtesy of Eric Taylor.
19109215No record (late year registration)Unknown Private Collection Pair; For sale at Miller & Miller Auctions Jan 2019. Image courtesy of Miller & Miller Auctions.
19109221No record (late year registration)Alan Bones CollectionImage courtesy of Alan Bones
19109326No record (late year registration)Corb Moister Jr. Collection; formerly Mike Duff.Image courtesy of Corb Moister Jr.
19109384No record (late year registration)Unknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Keith Murphy
19109395No record (late year registration)Eric Vettoretti CollectionOriginally from Hamilton CAA office display.
19109452No record (late year registration)Dave Steckley CollectionImage courtesy of Dave Steckley
19109453No record (late year registration)Tim O'Connor collectionImage courtesy of Europlate. Lower portion has been rebuilt post manufacture.
19109483No record (late year registration)Harold Cook collection.Image courtesy of 1973 ALPCA newsletter. Current whereabouts to be confirmed.
19109738No record (late year registration)Jon Upton CollectionHighest confirmed 1910 issue. Image courtesy of the

To date, no surviving rubber dealer plates have been found. Only the registry books together with the three photographs below are concrete evidence that they did in fact exist. It is also unknown whether or not any “white bar” dealer plates were made in 1910.

Dealer Plates Known: 0

Motorcycle plates were first issued on April 30, 1907 according to Ministry records. To date, three surviving rubber motorcycle plates have been found. In terms of construction, they had a leather backing, rubber front with a white inlay for the numbers – similar to the passenger plates. Both parts were sandwiched together and crimped with a metal frame around the border.

Motorcycle Plates Known: 3

YearPlate NumberOriginal Registration Current OwnershipDetailsPicture
1908260Walter H. Gurd, 185 Dundas St., London, ONUnknown Private CollectionFor sale at Miller & Miller Auctions Jan 2019. Image courtesy of Miller & Miller Auctions.
1908293No RecordUnknown Private CollectionSold on ebay in 2011 from Plunkett collection. Ebay Image.
1910413No RecordKnown Private CollectionAlso pictured, pg 41 Ontario License Plates – A Century of History by (Sallmen)

Listed below are all the known replica rubber plates – both motorcycle and passenger. Most seem to be made from fiberboard. 

Replica Plates Known: 11

YearPlate NumberOwnershipDetailsPicture
1905 Replica Motorcycle14David Steckley CollectionSingle ply of rubber, white numbers painted on.
1905 Replica Motorcycle22Eric Vettoretti CollectionTwo-ply rubber with white cloth in between; numbers cut out of first ply to expose white cloth.
1905 Replica448Unknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Terry Ellsworth. 1905-1909 rubber plates did not feature a province name.
1905 Replica844Unknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Terry Ellsworth
1905 Replica1441Unknown Private CollectionFormerly in the Hayes collection, current whereabouts unknown.
1905 Replica1908Unknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Jon Upton. Barrie Flea Market
1905 Replica3864Pictured in Bruce Lobay's Canadian plates pocket book.Image courtesy of ALPCA archives. 1905-1909 rubber plates did not feature a province name.
1910 Replica5658Unknown Private CollectionImage courtesy of Jon Upton. 1905-1909 rubber plates did not feature a province name.
1910 Replica8565Unknown Private CollectionSold at Warren Hasting's Auction in 1996. Current whereabouts unknown.
1910 Replica8565Gary Edwards CollectionDifferent from above since no "Ontario". Fiberboard.
1910 Replica9438Gary Edwards CollectionFiberboard.